United States Oriental Orthodox-Roman Catholic Church dialogue concluded

New Jersey.

The 2014 annual consultation with the Roman Catholic Church took place on October 2,3 at St. Maris Retreat center in New Jersey. On the first day of the consultation wide range current issues dealing with the Sacrament of marriage in respective Churches and "How to prepare for marriages ". On the second day of the consultation, the hot button issue of " how to address the interfaith and mixed marriages" in our Churches was discussed. All the participating Churches presented their church's stand on the issue and moderated by the renowned Canon Lawer Father John Farris. The Roman Catholic Church was represented by Bishop Howard Hubbard, Bishop Gregory Mansoor, Corbishop John Farris, Fr Ronald Robertson, Professor Thomas Burke and Professor Robin Darling Young of the Catholic university. Coptic Church team was headed by Bishop David and the Armenian Church team was headed by Archbishop Khajaj Barsamian. The Ethiopian Church was represented by Father Mahitama Selassi. Our Syrian Orthodox Church was lead by Archbishop Titus Yeldho and participated by Father Joseph Varghese, Father Dr Anthony DeLucca ( Malankara Archdiocese) ,Father Gabriel Adde and Father Joseph Chamoun (Syrian Archdiocese).
The International Joint Commission dialogue will take place in Rome from January 24-26, 2015 and the 2015 United States dialogue will be schedule for October 20 and 21 in New Jersey.

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Mon, 2014-10-06 23:59