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Prayer of the hour

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13-June-2021 Third Sunday after Pentecost St.John 6:35-46
20-June-2021 Fourth Sunday after Pentecost St.Matthew 14:14-23
27-June-2021 Fifth Sunday after Pentecost St.Luke 9:10-17
04-July-2021 Sixth Sunday after Pentecost St.Matthew 15:32-39
11-July-2021 Seventh Sunday after Pentecost St.Mark 3:20-30

Pastoral Counseling

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The Pastoral Counseling and Emotional support initiative under the Malankara Archdiocesan Clergy Council seeks to minister, and provide short term counseling to adherents of the Syriac Orthodox faith, needing spiritual guidance through available respected Clergy from across the Archdiocese.

Holy Fathers

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